Discovery, TestTube Launch Animated Educational Series 'Life Noggin' by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

Since its introduction in early 2013, Discovery Digital Networks‘s TestTube channel has exploded in popularity. It has produced the sort of cool science-y shows Discovery has a knack for, such as I F***ing Love Science. Now they have a new show called Life Noggin, aimed at the incurably curious people among the online video masses.

“We are big fans of channels like AsapSCIENCE and watched as education became a bigger growing trend on YouTube,” said the show’s co-creator Ian Dokie in an email to Tubefilter. “We wanted to make a series that would be the cleanest and simplest way to explain something, the short simple answer to the questions you’ve always wanted an answer to.” 

Dokie explained how every episode is created in a clean 2D animation style, covering everything from science to pop culture. Similar in nature to Hank and John Green’s CrashCourse, or the trivia-based Mental Floss, Life Noggin presents interesting facts and information through a 2D character named Blocko. So far, only two videos are on YouTube (excluding one that introduces the channel), but Dokie says he plans to release new content every Monday. The most recent episode from August 25 is all about “superpowers you didn’t know you had.”

Life Noggin easily fits in with the lineup of shows TestTube has adopted and used to brand itself as one of the top destinations for digital science entertainment. In addition to I F***ing Love Science, TestTube has found success with shows like Shots of Awe and Tory Bellici’s Blow It Up (which is exactly what it sounds like). The network boasts 0ver 100,000 subscribers on its channel alone.

Patrick Graziosi, my partner on the channel, and I have been part of the YouTube community since 2008 and it’s nice to be apart of a company that really cares about the content their channels are making,” Dokie explained in the email. “In my opinion too many MCNs these days focus solely on accumulating massive numbers and forget about helping quality content grow.”

If Life Noggin can continue to make amazing content of the same caliber as the rest of TestTube’s shows, you definitely won’t want to miss a single episode. Make sure to subscribe today, and spread the word to all your friends who don’t want to stop learning.

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