Michelle Phan Announces New Book, Invites Fans To Pre-Order by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

Renowned beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan has a new book coming out, and she’s more than excited about it (as are many of her fans). The work is called Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success — Online and Off, and it’s set to be released on October 21, 2014.

“It’s been a year in the making. I poured my heart and soul into this book,” said Phan in her announcement video. “Just the past seven years of being online and having this journey, I thought, you know what? I really want to share everything I’ve experienced and I’ve learned and give [my fans] real advice and tips on how to create a beautiful world around you.”

Phan goes on to explain that the full-color book will cover beauty basics, fashion tips and tricks, and “much, much more.” She also encourages her fans to pre-order her book on her website so they can get an exclusive, limited-edition book jacket she illustrated herself.

“I wouldn’t have uploaded my first video if it wasn’t for you guys,” she tells her followers in the video. “So just thanks so much for loving me and supporting me.”

Phan is just one in a quickly-growing lineup of YouTube stars getting book deals from publishers. Hannah Hart already has a book in stores (with a nearly-perfect 5-star rating on Amazon), Grace Helbig is releasing Grace’s Guide (also in October), and a slough of other top names plan to pen their stories with Keywords Press, a division of Simon and Schuster specifically created to cater to digital influencers and their fans.

Clearly, the online video masses are willing to follow their favorite YouTubers from the video medium to the page. Because of this, it’s highly likely we’ll keep seeing announcements similar to Phan’s cropping up in the future.

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