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Liz has real talent, is able to go far beyond the cliché ‘pop princess’ moniker many might try to assign to recent female pop stars, and is proving that she has authentic staying power to boot. The Mad Decent signee has a new video out, and it’s one you’re going to be bumping up to eleven and (probably) dancing around to in your Nikes and Starter gear pretty soon.

U Over Them is Liz’s newest single, with her last two coming via Mad Decent’s digital imprint Jeffree’s. Take a look.

Liz has that unforgettable late-90’s R&B flavor, with sugary vocals and club happy beat that makes you want to burn the song onto a CD with your PC so you have something to listen to with your top down and the wind in your hair on the way to the beach after school.

For me, it’s all about the awesome, trippy video. The throwback influence obviously doesn’t stop with the song. From Ja-Rule’s floating head to the sea of Beanie Babies and Pokemon backup dancers, I can safely say nostalgia is alive and well in the world of Mad Decent.

Check out more of Liz’s amazing videos here and don’t forget to don your hypercolour gear and high tops while you dance about. No twerking though–this is the 90’s, and here we keep it fresh.

Arshan Sadri is the Channel Manager at Brooklyn based, INDMUSIC, YouTube’s largest music Network. He got his start booking comedy and music at the University of Maryland. On weekends he refuses to travel above 14th street, likes to run, and plays in two bands that are just ok.

INDMUSIC is YouTube’s Largest Music Network, allowing independent music content creators to monetize their YouTube views without sacrificing creative control or rights to their content.

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