The YouTube Partner Program first launched in December 2007. It enabled online video creators to monetize their videos, allowing individuals to make a living from their online video passions. It gave rise to YouTube stars, premium channels, and multi-channel networks. YouTube reports thousands of channels are now making more than $100,000 per year solely off the revenue generated from the ads that run on their YouTube pages and videos.

Recently, however, some creators have begun to express their dissatisfaction with YouTube’s revshare model. While there are rumors that some organizations may be building their own online video sharing sites, savvy online video companies have always tried to explore alternative ways to translate the star status of popular YouTube celebrities into alternative revenue streams. Merchandising platforms, paid subscriptions, product integration and endorsements (like those Shay Carl kicks pictured above) have now all become part of the online video landscape, further empowering creators with additional ways to make a living off their persons and programming.

Come hear from leaders behind the most innovative approaches to monetizing online video at the next Tubefilter Meetup: Beyond Revshare.

Tubefilter Presents: Beyond Revshare
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at Busby’s East

Today is the LAST DAY to get Early Bird Tickets, so be sure to RSVP NOW! And check out the panelists below:

Shay Carl
Shay Carl
Co-founder, Maker Studios
Sami Kriegstein
Sami Kriegstein
VP Talent Integrations, Fullscreen
Steven Oh
COO, The Young Turks
Drew BaldwinModerator: Drew Baldwin
Founder of Tubefilter and Creator of the Streamy Awards

Tubefilter Presents: Beyond Revshare
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at Busby’s East

7:00pm – Doors Open (pre-seating)
7:45pm – Panel Discussion and Q&A
8:45pm – Networking Mixer

We hope to see you there! And a very special thanks to our Meetup Sponsor Lovvvit for making the event possible and to our Community Sponsor SAG-AFTRA New Media for their support. Also, please note Busby’s East is a 21+ location.

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