YouTube Comedy Week is coming to an end and we have seen the good, bad, and the funny. While what we find humorous is subjective, there is one thing we can all agree on after this last week: online video creators know how to laugh at themselves.

The video Web Series Reaches 100 Views created by popular comedy site, The Onion, might be the best example of making YouTubers and those in the online video community the butt of the joke.

The Onion’s video features the faux entertainment show, Star Fix, reporting the latest news. A YouTube series has hit the 100 views milestone! The parody report about the hit series follows the “success” of Andrew Vannier and Jon Haney with their eponymous show Andrew and Jon. The program features roommates Vannier and Haney playing fictionalized versions of themselves doing everyday activities, like laundry and dealing with their landlord. The premise sounds pretty familiar, no?

Working in the digital space there is no escaping the concept of going viral and The Onion video cuts deep with its portrayal of a YouTube Cinderella story. As Vannier and Haney explain, “We didn’t set out to get a ton of views or anything,” and their achievement of reaching 100 views with their biggest hit “Laundry Day” demonstrates the misconstrued notion of instant internet popularity by traditional entertainment and overnight success by aspiring YouTube personalities.

Best part of the joke. The Onion video about hitting 100 views has already hit over 10,000 views.  Don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see a news report about it.

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