Here at Tubefilter we often get invited to come down and do set visits—where creators give us the opportunities to take our readers behind the scenes to conduct interviews with cast and creators and witness the magic happen (see Eliza Dushku on the set of Leap Year). Usually, we have a good time, and no one gets hurt.

That didn’t happen this time.

Let me provide some context: last year, Machinima invited me down to the set of Season 2 of Bite Me, and we got a killer interview with co-creator Andy Shapiro. So when they asked us to do it again for Good Cops, the hot new series on Machinima Prime, I was thrilled.

Since Good Cops is a documentary, (well, technically, a mockumentary), I knew this set visit was going to be a little unconventional—and when I got on the phone with the creators to prep, I realized this was going to be an opportunity like no other.

The Good Cops were inviting me on a real stakeout—as an embedded journalist—so I could witness Sledge, Nicky, and Perkins at work in the field. So I packed my puffy coat, a bag of snacks, and a fully charged iPhone with the hopes of capturing some real police work in action:

What I experienced changed my life. Forever. We also may have changed a suspect’s life as well—into death. Little did I know, that was just the beginning:

Let’s recap. I learned three important lessons that day:

  1. Don’t ask too many questions.
  2. Never let anyone attach electrodes to your body.
  3. Always remember to stay Hot n’ Ready.

Till next time. Delphos out.

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