WhatsUpElle has made it to the final round of Dance Showdown, the new dance competition reality series from YouTube Original Channel DanceOn.

WhatsUpElle and her partner, professional dancer Bryan Tanaka, will battle teams ItsKingsleyBitch, SeaNanners, and WoodysGamerTag for the final performances that will take place on May 23.

The show, executive produced by America’s Best Dance Crew‘s D-trix, features YouTube’s biggest names battling it out for $25K and the title of ‘Dance Showdown Champion.’ To date the show has garnered 6.8MM video views.

Dance Showdown debuted on DanceOn, the global entertainment network for dance, championed by superstar partners like Madonna. DanceOn was selected as part of YouTube’s$100 million original content initiative, which YouTube recently gave a $200 million supercharge announced at YouTube Brandcast during the Digital Content NewFronts.

We got a chance to catch up with Elle who, among her continued success as an online personality on YouTube and beyond, recently had a baby, adding “proud mom” to her resume, with 6 month old Presley often appearing in the videos per her fans’ request.
Tubefilter: How was the transition into motherhood on YouTube?

Elle: Thankfully easy. Part of me thought my YouTube career was over when I announced my pregnancy. But instead, my viewers welcomed the news with open arms and continue to be so warm and positive. I was also relieved to blame my gradual weight gain on something other than late night junk food binges.

Tubefilter: Did you have to build a whole new fan base? Or did they grow up with you?

Elle: If anything, my viewers want to see MORE Presley, she’s way cuter than me! So yes, they’ve fortunately stuck it out. Although my content lately has been baby focused, I like to think I’ve kept the same vibe and sense of humor that appeals to my loyal fans. I do believe that I had a net gain in subscribers by picking up some more parents. Most mommy focused content out there is pretty cookie cutter or celebrity reliant—I try to offer something a bit more creative and hopefully entertaining.

Tubefilter: How do you find the time?

Elle: If it weren’t for the clones, I’d be in big trouble! Truthfully, time is an issue so I’m forced to prioritize. My first priority is my daughter Presley.. and everything else I just power through the best I can lately. Hopefully all the hard work pays off!

Tubefilter: What was the secret to making it to the next round?

Elle: Two words… The Ellegiance. I may not have the most subscribers but I do believe my fans were active and pushed me through. Or maybe it was my mom who voted every day and ran a campaign among her 10 facebook friends—ha. My dancing was good I think, but I thought many of the other routines were just as fun to watch.

Tubefilter: How are you handle being the only woman representative left? That’s a big responsibility.

Elle: You may have beef with Kingsley with that statement! I kid. I’m just happy to be dancing…and hope that compared to Kherington and Lauren, I don’t look like a complete klutz!

Tubefilter: If you could collaborate with anybody on your next video, who would it be?

Elle: I may have to say Ryan Higa. My fiancee loves his channel and says Presley, being half-Asian, should be in one of his videos. Pretty hilarious!

Check out Elle’s channel on YouTube to join the Ellegiance.

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