Before the new year, Tubefilter put together a panel around the hot topic of creative marketing on YouTube and beyond: Do Cheaters Never Prosper? Gaming the System in Online Video.

Unfortunately, our live stream of the event was not captured, but thanks to panelist TheWillofDC we are able to provide a video of the event. The “Sheriff of YouTube” once again saves the day!

Panelists Benny and Rafi Fine of TheFineBros and William Hyde of TheWillofDC discussed the history and definitions of “cheating” on YouTube, focusing on where and when to draw the line between clever marketing and unfair practices. The meat of the panel focused on the “asterisk,” a no man’s land surrounding branded content and its identity as a commercial advertisement or a proper piece of programming.

Check out the great photos from Tubefilter and Snap Yourself!


Benny and Rafi Fine, TheFineBros

These YouTube veterans, whose channel is ranked #36 Most Subscribed Channel of All Time and #12 Most Subscribed Comedians of All Time, boast an encyclopedic knowledge of the wide-open opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube itself that video producers exploit to pump up views and subscribers.

Will of DCWilliam Hyde, TheWillofDC

A dedicated YouTube Partner since 2009, Will is an expert in creative video marketing and has earned the title “Sheriff of YouTube” among fans. His weekly news shows YouTube News and YouTube Winners and Losers feature the latest on the YouTube Community with a focus on the top 100 YouTube Channels of All Time.

Moderator: Drew Baldwin, Tubefilter

Drew is the Co-Founder of Tubefilter and Executive Producer of the Streamy Awards.


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