Ludo Baby Bites for Bugaboo: Chef Ludo Lefebvre Trades His F Bombs for a Stroller and Baby Food Adventures

Bugaboo is the Rolls Royce of baby strollers. It’s billed as the one and only stroller you will need from birth through toddlerhood. The Bugaboo company is known for catering to parents who care about good looking things that last a long time and transport their precious cargo in style and/or live in Park Slope or Manhattan’s Upper East and West Sides.

Now, with the launch of their new rotating stroller snack tray, the Bugaboo company is also continuing their relationship with celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre and his wife Krissy. The company just launched the 12-part web series Ludo Baby Bites, where Ludo learns to make what little kids can eat.

Ludo and Krissy have twin seven-month-olds and are determined to serve their family a healthy meal that they can eat together each night. And you better believe if Ludo is going to make macaroni and cheese and  chicken tenders they aren’t going to be anything like what you’d get from Gerber.

Tubefilter went down to Bugaboo headquarters in El Segundo for the launch party of Ludo Baby Bites. After a screening of the first episode and lunch from the LudoTruck, (It’s a tough job, we know) we sat down with the pop-up restaurant master, Ludo Lefebvre, and President of Bugaboo Americas, Kari Boiler, to find out how this pint-sized cooking collaboration came about.

Tubefilter: Ludo, how did you originally meet the Bugaboo people?

Ludo Lefebvre: A lot of my friends knew I had twins coming. I friend of mine, Mark said, “I know the people at Bugaboo if you need a stroller.” So I said, “Yeah, I’ll take it.” I needed help, I needed someone to tell me what to buy for twin babies. So I came here to Bugaboo and picked my Donkey.

Kari Boiler: That’s what the stroller is called.

LL: I really love my Donkey. It is so cool and I love Bugaboo. It was a lot of inspiration for me to choose the color. It is so simple but so useful. I like the look. I like everything.

TF: So you picked out your stroller, then you started to think about what you would feed your kids?

LL: At our baby shower we played a game, a blind tasting of baby food. I was shocked how the food was not tasting how it supposed to taste. I decided I needed to do something about food for kids. That’s pretty scary to think about my kid eating that baby food. They were going to have the wrong idea about the taste of a carrot. If it’s not the real color and flavor of a carrot. I realized as a chef and as a parent I need to be responsible about what I feed to my kids. I need to teach them how to eat. I want to eat a carrot that tastes like a carrot. So I was talking to my friend Mark and then we talked with Kari about that. I cook all the time for adults I don’t want to forget about the kids.

TF: How did the idea of making videos on this topic come about?

KB: We met and talked and one thing led to another. When we talked about cooking for kids, Ludo said, “I’ve never cooked for a kid before.” We realized, there’s an idea here. You spend time in the market, pushing your kids in their stroller. Let’s follow you. Let’s be with you on this journey going to the market, exploring, getting in your car, puting a stroller in your car. It was just that simple. Video was the perfect medium to express this idea and get the word out there.

LL: That’s a great message- to help teach parents what to do with food and try to give them inspiration. To show them you still can cook good food, but fresh and fast.

TF: How do you shoot the videos? 

LL:  Someone follows me in the market. After I decide what I want to make. They we shoot the recipe and voila I do my thing in the kitchen. I also had a nutritionist working with me. Before this I knew nothing about cooking for kids. That’s pretty scary. I did not realize kids should not eat salt until they are one years old. It’s crazy I did not know that. No citrus. Citrus is one of my favorite things to eat. I love citrus. No citrus until one years old. And no honey.

Tubefilter: And no eggs? No peaniuts?

LL: Yes, you need to know these things.

TF: What are the goals of the videos?

KB: I hope we offer something to all consumers. The idea that these are possibly the busiest new parents- and with twins- that are out there. They are showing that they continue to be as mobile as they are and make good choices to cook simple meals. They have to eat too. We all have to eat. Let’s try to figure out how to be efficient and do it really well. So every Tuesday with a new video, we hope to offer you something exciting every week.

Tubefilter: How much was healthy eating part of the goals of Bugaboo before your association with Ludo and Krissy?

KB: Here at Bugaboo we give 1% to the (RED) Foundation to the Global Fund. This about connecting with the idea of what we define as, mobile modern parenting. We all love the idea that we make our products to last through all children and then they get passed on. There is a sustainable message in our products. They last you forever, you don’t need to buy ten strollers. The average parent buys five, but you only need to buy one. Sustainability is in out DNA in the sense of how we want to be a part of it and what Ludo brings is a new message to it which is about healthy eating and family and family time. Those are values that we at Bugaboo certainly have.

LL: Just like you only need to make one meal. You don’t need to make ten meals. My kids are only seven months old right now, but I can make for all of us salmon with carrots. That’s it. I really want to help people to give them inspiration what to do for their kids together,

The series is worth watching, if for nothing more than to see Chef Ludo trade the famous profanity-laden outbursts seen on Top Chef Masters and Ludo Bites America for rolling his new twin babies around town in their Donkey. His shopping for colorful vegetables and fruit (instead of his signature squid with black ash or foie gras many many ways) is also a nice respite from the fancy pants cuisine we’re accustomed to on so many cooking shows.

We predict everyone will wish they had a cool tattooed French dad who cooks up a storm like Ludo.

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