Do Cheaters Never Prosper?
Gaming the System in Online Video

Some exciting updates! “Sheriff of YouTube” TheWillof DC will be joining us at the Tubefilter Meetup on Monday.

It’s time to get dirty.

Join us as we explore the seedy underworld of “cheating“—a controversial practice among online video producers. What is cheating? Is it really wrong? Where do you draw the line?

We’ll be surveying the most ingenious techniques in use and decide whether they qualify as “cheating” or not. By discussing and defining “cheating” we can more successfully identify the industry’s best practices in online video distribution. It is our top priority to ensure Tubefilter continues to be a platform for constructive dialogue and a safe environment for opposing views of both attendees and panelists.

From category jacking and bait-and-switches, to alliances and straight-up bribery, we’re going to get down and dirty with some of the worst (or best) offenders.

You won’t want to miss this.


Benny and Rafi Fine, TheFineBros

These YouTube veterans, whose channel is ranked #36 Most Subscribed Channel of All Time and #12 Most Subscribed Comedians of All Time, boast an encyclopedic knowledge of the wide-open opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube itself that video producers exploit to pump up views and subscribers.

Will of DC William Hyde, TheWillofDC

A dedicated YouTube Partner since 2009, Will is an expert in creative video marketing and has earned the title “Sheriff of YouTube” among fans. His weekly news shows YouTube News and YouTube Winners and Losers feature the latest on the YouTube Community with a focus on the top 100 YouTube Channels of All Time.

Moderator: Drew Baldwin, Tubefilter

Drew is the Co-Founder of Tubefilter and Executive Producer of the Streamy Awards.


This year we’ve been exploring how YouTube and its partner program have opened a clear path to online video monetization.

As we’ve learned from our contentious Beyond YouTube event, advertising revenue share on YouTube is just the tip of the iceberg: producers are maximizing their online video business with their own websites, platforms like, smartphone apps, merchandising, licensing, and more.

Being a successful online video producer is about being both a creator and a marketer. And in our Social Video on Steroids, the experts shared how to engage and drive audiences using best practices in social media marketing and promotion.

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Do Cheaters Never Prosper?
Gaming the System in Online Video

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8:45PM – Networking Mixer

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