BlackboxTV has joined the club.

This past month YouTube announced a slate of nearly 100 all-original channels as a part of its $100 million premium content initiative. The new channel features a scripted series from Anthony E. Zuiker, creator of CSI, Tony E. Valenzuela, and Collective Digital Studio.

“I believe now, as I did when I uploaded my first short film in 2007, that YouTube offers filmmakers an amazing place to showcase their work and share their stories,” Tony E. Valenzuela, Creator and Director of BlackBoxTV, told Tubefilter. “I am extremely excited to jump into this next phase of BlackBoxTV with my new partners, Anthony E. Zuiker, Dare To Pass and Collective Digital Studio whose guidance and experience will help BlackBoxTV accomplish it’s #1 goal: to deliver the best Sci-Fi, Horror and Thriller content to the web.”

Valenzuela first caught our eye in 2008 with 2009: A True Story (a Streamy Award nominee), and at Tubefilter’s panel at SXSW last spring, he discussed the BlackBoxTV concept and its dependence on a strong base of fellow YouTube producers. “It’s also important to mention the awesome support that the YouTube community has given to BlackBoxTV over the course of our first year, Valenzuela said. “Without the help of people like Philip DeFranco, Shane Dawson, iJustine, Toby Turner, Joe Nation, Onision, and others, it would have been extremely difficult for our films to reach as many people as they have.”


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