Big Frame (formerly The Cloud Media)—the group behind The Digitour and some of the most watched talent online—has joined the elite ranks of producers which YouTube selected for its first wave of premium Original Channels.

Big Frame’s new channel BAM features YouTube’s top special effects masters, including MysteryGuitarManCorridor Digital, and Mike Diva. “With an actual budget and a crew to work with I intend to show youtube the malformation of creativity, entertainment, hate, love and everything in between,” Mike Diva told Tubefilter.

“There are valuable audiences who subscribe to YouTube channels and tune in every week to see what great video content will come next,” Steve Raymond, Big Frame CEO, told Tubefilter. “Big Frame is dedicated to supporting this new breed of content producer by helping them grow their audiences and work with the many advertisers who want to reach them, The BAM channel gives our creators the opportunity to make more videos for their fans, with more resources to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Here’s the rundown:

  • SandBoxMysteryGuitarMan will issue a themed video challenge to both his handpicked team of collaborators and the YouTube community at-large, with mind-blowing results.
  • Robot Dog – Stunning videos that include fresh new beats, choreographed dance, green screen tricks and cool visual effects.
  • Synch – In the future, agents use a system that allows humans to transfer their consciousness and control a host body—even if the host body dies, the knowledge is still retained and ‘synced’ with the original agent. But when an agent’s natural body is taken hostage, he must convince his family and friends to help him, despite his new appearance.


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