It’s Tough to be a Teenager in ‘Squaresville’

By 10/24/2011
It’s Tough to be a Teenager in ‘Squaresville’

Mountain Man producer and online video persona Matt Enlow has just released the first minisode for his highly anticipated new series Squaresville.

The slice-of-life comdey focuses on two childhood friends as they pass through teenage adolescence in the suffocating boredom of suburbia. Zelda (Mary Kate Wiles) and Esther (Kylie Sparks) are two misfit friends whose friendship faces the complicated, emotional, and hilarious challenges of teen romance and new social forces.


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“I started Squaresville because I wanted to make something that would resonate emotionally with the online audience,” Enlow told Tubefilter. “In an era of disposable entertainment, and distractions, it’s really challenging to make something sincere. The show is a comedy at its core, but the characters are facing universal issues with growing up. Who you are as a kid, and who you want to be. It’s fun and entertaining, but I try to pack a left hook into every episode.”

Squaresville has set up a $12,000 fundraising campaign for the project on Kickstarter. Enlow has already shot the trailer and 6 mini-episodes, which serve as in-between episodes for longer “feature episodes.” Once principle production is completed, the show will have 6 feature episodes and 6 mini-episodes—the first half of Season 1.

The series features music from Now, Now and My First Earthquake.


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