All the hullaballoo surrounding Netflix’s rate increase and its subsequent DVD-only offering Qwickster has provided some great fodder for parody on YouTube.

Luke Barats from BaratsAndBereta produced Netflix Fail Song for the Break Originals channel on YouTube.

In the most memorable line from the vid, Barats forecasts Qwickster fate: “I want to use Qwickster about as much as Friendster,” though a more telling comment comes from user cherilyndria: “I wanna use quickster about as much as friendster—was what he was referencing?” Exactly. WTF was Freindster, again?

The parody vid, which also stars, Syd Wilder, plays off the song “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People, with the Soundalike Song performed and mixed by Sean Motley.

The complete lyrics, for your enjoyment:

They hooked me with their Free Trial
Spent my whole weekend, watching hours of The Wire
Then the cool picks started drying up,
And all the new movies, just started taking a while
I was paying every month,
For a dumb DVD, that just lived on my TV.
I couldn’t have them sent to work
Afraid someone could see, I got “Big Momma’s House 3”

All the stupid pics I get from Netflix
“Who’s Harry Crumb”, “The Good Son”
Why’d I get em?
All the stupid pics I get from Netflix
They just get lost, under stuff
Or used as coasters

Then they sent that email
Bout this new Qwikster site , which will obviously fail
Can’t justify separate queues
just to skim “Swordfish” for, Halle Berry’s boobs
Their streaming choices really suck
How can they charge ten bucks when they don’t have 3 Ninjas
Why cant things be the way they were?
Cause I wanna use Qwikster, ’bout as much as Friendster

All the stupid pics I get from Netflix
ALF: Season One, Midnight Run
I don’t need em!
I’d be super pissed, at my Qwikster pics
If I got mailed some of em
that Netflix had on Instant

All the stupid pics I get from Netflix
Eighteen bucks, is a ton
When Redbox costs one
Of all the stupid things, you could have done Netflix
this time I’m done, I am done
Until you get Porno

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