Six Pack Abs in 30 Days, Guaranteed*

By 06/01/2011
Six Pack Abs in 30 Days, Guaranteed*

In case you didn’t get the message, summer has arrived. And more heat means less clothing—which in many cases is a good thing. But for most of us it is also the dreaded season of shirtlessness, when we are compelled to venture out at the pool/beach/backyard bbqs, and either suck it up (and in), take off our shirts, and courageously join the party, or hide in the safety of the shade with the other outcasts. How can we compete with these tanned Adonises, flaunting their six pack abs at the slightest provocation?

Mark Malkoff to the rescue. Known for his outlandish challenges, like racing a NYC Bus on a Big Wheel, Malkoff set off with a personal trainer Robert Brace, creator of the NY Lean 25 workout, in an attempt to get six pack abs.

Inspired by the barrage of men’s magazines’ headlines that promise six pack abs within thirty days, Malkoff wondered, “Is it really possible for a gut that doesn’t work out, i.e. me, to get a six pack within a month?” He took one last meal of puffed Cheetos, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream before embarking on a four week diet of hard boiled eggs whites (330 over the course of the program).

“Two to three times a day working out was rough at times, but the most challenging part by far was the diet,” Malkoff told Tubefilter. “All I thought about during the month was food. I’d dream about eating cookies at night and actually spit them out in my dream when I realized I wasn’t allowed to have them. Never seriously considered quitting though.”

Does he do it in 30 days? Watch and discover the surprise twist ending!