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The Digitour 2011, a 27-city national tour of top web stars with over one billion combined views and more than six million subscribers on YouTube, is finishing its six week tour, and its last stop will be the Tubefilter Meetup.

The Digitour reveals a new way for online talent to connect with, engage, and monetize fans—and proves that web celebrity translates to live audiences, just as “real” Hollywood stars and musicians do. The success of The Digitour may indicate the beginning of something big—really big—a major paradigm shift in the way studios, advertisers, networks, and investors will regard the online video industry.

Come join us as we get the download from the producers and top performers on The Digitour. Is this sustainable? Is there real money to be made here? How did the tickets sales go? How did they pull this off? Find out this Wednesday, May 18, at the Tubefilter Meetup.

Sponsored by Openfilm’s Are You The Next Web Celeb? contest, which launches May 18 from the Tubefilter Meetup.


Sarah Evershed
Executive Producer of The Digitour and President of The Cloud Media

Dave Days
#1 Most Subscribed of All Time – Musicians on YouTube

#10 Most Subscribed of All Time – Musicians on YouTube

#8 Most Subscribed of All Time on YouTube

The Digitour Debriefed
Wednesday, May 18, 2011



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