LonsTVFor the past month or so, I’ve been doing daily YouTube reviews of various things, from food and drink to movies to blog posts on my channel, LonsTV. Occasionally, these reviews have included web shows, mainly because there are so many good ones and so precious few outlets highlighting all this great new content. (Also because there are already a ton of YouTube videos alerting to exactly how much Clash of the Titans sucked, so this was a chance to make my own mark.)

And now, once a week, I will be bringing these reviews to you, the Tubefilter reading public.

This week, I’m looking at the new series Night of the Zombie King. It’s technically a spin-off of GOLD, the humorous slice-of-life take on the world of tabletop role-playing gamers, concerning a relatively minor character from the original series who has been dropped into a different setting with all new characters.

Night of the Zombie King (or NOTZK, for those in the know) comes to us from the fertile minds of executive producers David Nett (who starred in the original GOLD series as Jonathan), Rick Robinson (Richard in GOLD) and Andrew R. Deutsch (who played, well, Goldy). It stars James Ellis Lane, reprising the role of Jaz from GOLD and Jonathan Nail, known to web series fans as the creator and star of SOLO.

This review is based on the first two episodes of the show, so I may do an update once we’ve had a look at the entire season.

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