Screech Tests Your YouTube Trivia Knowledge With ‘Win/Fail’

By 09/02/2010
Screech Tests Your YouTube Trivia Knowledge With ‘Win/Fail’

WinFail It’s back. Embassy Row, the producers behind Google original series PopTub Daily and FAILBlog, have launched the second version of Win/Fail, a YouTube trivia-based interactive game show. The Win/Fail reload will feature former child star Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from Saved By The Bell, as the show’s narrator and host.

In its first iteration, Win/Fail garnered over 18 million views, as users clicked in-video answer choices to proceed onto the next round of video questions. v2 boasts a real prize this time (a Sony Bloggie), as opposed to the Rickroll at the end of v1. The game show is an example of the new breed of innovative interactive storytelling that is gaining popularity among creators on YouTube.

After producing 450 episodes of PopTub Daily, a daily best-of-YouTube show, the producers had amassed “a staggering, even embarrassing, amount of YouTube knowledge.” Naturally, a game show was the best outlet for that library of YouTube trivia.

For those of you who want to study up before the show, the producers suggest Greg Rutter’s and the YouTube Charts page. And here’s a little bonus quiz for you: Who was the voice of Win/Fail v1?