Actually, this is awesome. Two of YouTube’s most irritating juggernauts, Fred (with almost 500 million upload views and 1,794,243 channel subscribers) and Annoying Orange (with 139,169,748 upload views and 791,040 channel subscribers since its creation in January of this year) have teamed up, and on Thursday they released a video in which the two square off for the title of the “most annoying entity in the world.” Despite my prior abhorrence of the two comedians, I found this video to be so absolutely hilarious, that I am now a fan and a subscriber of both channels.

Hosted by the #4 Most Subscribed Comedian in Ireland Liam the Leprechaun, the video Annoying Orange: Leprechaun’s Secret Weapon features a “one round, no-holds-barred, fight to the finish” comprising the main event of “Pester Fest 2010,” during which the Annoying Orange and Fred take turns trying out-annoy one another. Bad puns, high-pitched screaming, and everything else you’d expect from these two jokers abound. On steroids. It was like watching a highlight reel of the most annoying scenes from Fred combined with a top 10 list of Annoying Orange’s worst jokes.

The video is disarmingly self-aware, and when the two poke fun at one another (and themselves), it works. The production value is impressive and the story moves along quickly; both Fred and Annoying Orange are masters at balancing instant gratification with long term engagement. It’s sort of like hot sauce or salted almonds. There is a reason Fred is and continues to be the #2 Most Subscribed YouTube channel of all time—it’s not a fluke—and is probably why Nickelodeon has tapped the 16-year old creator for a feature version of his series.

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