The Strange Dave Show - web seriesWith shoring back it’s lineup of shows due to budgetary constraints, my consumption of livestreaming shows had taken a nosedive. But I’m still completely delighted by the freeform style of the livestreamed internet talk show format. Especially when the hosts and guests look like they are having a blast and I can type “LOL” to my hearts content in a chatroom with my fellow viewers. Luckily, The Strange Dave Show is becoming one of those shows for me.

Based out of the Shovio Studios on the West Side of Manhattan in New York and hosted by Dave “Strange Dave” Rosenburg, who is actually a practicing attorney specializing in both criminal and civil matters during the day who was performing comedy and with bands at night. The show came to be after Rosenburg was interviewed on “The Jill Morrison Show” on 90.1 FM (WUSB) on Long Island, and subsequently received several requests to start doing his own weekly radio program. The show now airs on every Tuesday from 9 – 10 PM EST as well as being broadcast on 14 terrestrial radio stations in syndication across the United States.

Strange Dave and his cohost April Brucker (a.k.a. The Superfox Of Comedy) use their quick-wit and boisterous personalities to keep the show moving with comedy bits including pranking Craigslist stalkers, inviting guests to dress Dave in drag (he has very delicate features), and inviting viewers from home to call in and participate.

One of the highlights of the show is head writer Nick Ruggia, who often calls in to the show each week with bits including “The Weekly Sign of the Apocalypse”, which in a recent episode included the story of a porn star who allegedly killed a member of his film crew with a Samari sword. Ruggia quipped, “when the guy who gets to bang hot chicks for money gets stressed out, loses it, and starts killing his co-workers, you just kinda have to wonder if the rage that is brought on by the inherent injustices of Capitalism hasn’t reached the point where everything is just going to descend to rubble.”

Yes, this show is a bit on the risque side, but what can you expect from a host by the name of “Strange Dave”? And really, the content may push the envelope but it’s done in an intelligent manner and has context as opposed to just being an endless string of pointless profanity (though don’t expect the language to be clean either).

According to the statistics on PodOmatic, as of April 15 2010, The Strange Dave Show had over an estimated 102,000 listeners. The show is always looking for viewers who want to participate on the show each week on every Tuesday from 9 – 10 PM EST. You can also check out old episodes at the show’s website.

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