5 YouTubers On Their Way Up

By 04/12/2010
5 YouTubers On Their Way Up

TheWillofDC[TheWillofDC, Tubefilter’s new weekly columnist, who brings his mastery of the inner workings of YouTube’s movers and shakers from his popular YouTube channel to you, our fine readers in a weekly dish every Friday. Will has two weekly web shows—’YouTube News’ and ‘YouTube Winners and Losers’—that appear on his YouTube channel and of course right here on Tubefilter News every Friday. Questions for Will? Leave a comment below.]

The past 2 weeks we’ve had fun asking questions about how to get big on YouTube and what’s the best way to get big. This week I want to introduce you to 5 users you might not know but whose names you better learn quick. These 5 are the next users ready to crack into the top 100 and climb it quickly. This year begun with the top 100 still dominated by the old school YouTubers, who rose to fame in a much different YouTube with much less competition. Recently though the next generation of YouTubers have started breaking through and commanding audiences of their own. One of my main rules for YouTube success in today’s YouTube is networking to the extreme so don’t be surprised if you find some of these names familiar from work they’ve done with already established YouTubers.


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TheFineBros – Ben and Rafi Fine are two incredibly gifted comedic brothers who are poised to make a lasting mark on YouTube. With 236K subscribers and 24 Million video views they sit at 103rd most subscribed of all time and will probably break into the top 100 next week. They host a wide variety of sketch comedy video on their channel including some very successful series such as their spoiler videos and lost parodies. They are currently working with TheStation having a central role in creating videos for the re-launch of the massive channel. TheStation trusting them with such an enormous task shows this duo is a powerful force that everyone should be begging to work with.

Onision – Greg is easily the most controversial YouTuber out there today which is exactly why his success is fast coming and his domination of the top 100 imminent. His 222K subscribers and 44 Million video views prove that he has the Midas touch. He puts out a new video every other day churning out more content than any other current YouTuber, not daily vlogging. Yet that content is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. His mixture of comedy and activism has a very rough, in-your-face R-rated style that has brought him the title of most criticized YouTuber today. Though he is laughing all the way to the bank keeping his content consistent and edgy. If his current ability to gain 1200 subs a day remains, look for him to move up the charts very fast.

Totallysketch –Michael Gallagher at 21 is at the forefront of the next wave of comedic YouTubers. What makes him so valuable is his exceptional ability to write, direct, produce, edit and act when so many can only do 1 or 2 of these massive tasks as well as he does. While he can hold his own with his “comedy that’s funny” you can also find your favorite YouTube stars like KassemG and ShaneDawsontv staring in his comedic sketches. With 214K subscribers and 15.5Million video views he is poised to redefine the one man show here on YouTube.

DieAussenseiter - YouTubeDieAussenseiter – Americans dominate YouTube and the entire top 100 is English speaking. In a few weeks that is all about to change when DieAussenseiter makes history by becoming the first non-English speaking channel to enter the top 100. These two guys from Germany speak only German and while I can’t understand what they’re saying I can tell it’s a sketch comedy channel. They currently have 219K subscribers with 50 million total video views and an average daily subscriber gain of about 900. With numbers like that their comedy must be gold and easily match up against any top 100 comedy channel. I am thrilled to see such diversity come to YouTube and hope many more international channels start developing communities to breakthrough into the top 100.

Tobuscus – While you might know Toby from his new gig on LikeTotallyAwesome he is an up and coming comedic YouTuber specializing in parodies. He has the lowest amount of subscribers on my list of 5 but don’t be fooled, he is equally as funny and capable of dominating the top 100. He currently sits on 177K subscribers with 1.5Million video views making him 143rd most subscribed of all time. The main reason I believe he is poised to blow up, his 1.1K daily subscriber growth rate. Most YouTubers go through waves of when they do well at gaining subscribers yet he has stayed very consistent. Over the past 90 days he has acquired 90K subscribers. Now with the backing of LTA there is no reason to think he won’t take off even faster.

Other highlights this week include

Machinima reaching 1 billion video views. Last week I celebrated ExpertVillage reaching the 1 billion mark and it was only hours later that Machinima crossed it. Congratulations Machinima on the remarkable achievement! The next channel to cross it will probably be hollywoodrecords who sits on 958 Million video views.

RayWilliamJohnson passing Universalmusicgroup preparing for the epic showdown with shanedawsontv. In 2009 I deemed Youtube to be ShaneTube and no one doubted it was the year of the Dawson. This year however RayWilliamJohnson seems to be the holder of that title. Ray is currently about 300k subscribers behind Shane yet managing to get double his daily sub growth. Only time will tell if Ray’s numbers stay consistent to pass Shane.

DaveDays incredible 2nd week after his Miley video. Most videos acquire the majority of their views in the first 48 hours and any subsequent popularity ends after the first week. Yet Dave’s amazing “Last Song for Miley” video has propelled him into another amazing week accumulating about 23K new subscribers. It will be interesting to see how long he can keep these numbers up.

Daxflame’s comeback or just having fun? After about 9 months of silence on his main channel Dax came back this week with 2 new videos! Both of which received about half his subscriber count but seemed to be universally liked by those who watched. As a user who was HUGE in 2007 and really fell off in the past couple years I would rather see him back having fun than trying to make a run at being popular on YouTube again. The community sees how easy it is for a user to transition their YouTube mindset from hobby to job yet what the community really needs to see is how it is possible to transition back from job to hobby.

Blendtec’s comback. Last week on Winners and Losers I announced that Blendtec had fallen off the top 100. It was something I had seen coming for half a year and was just waiting for it to happen so I could move onto tracking something else. Well with the release of the Ipad, Blendtec saw an opening to create another massive hit video. After 3 days the “Will it Blend – Ipad edition” has over 4 million views and they’ve racked up enough subscribers to be back on the top 100 sitting at 91st most subscribed off all time. Only time will tell if this is a TayZonday style comeback or if in a few weeks time they fall off the top 100 again.

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