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A few days ago, I received a mysterious message from Brian Gramo of theStream.tv saying that this Friday on their popular gaming program The Game Show some big news was going to be announced soon. After the news a few weeks ago that their sponsor Evo Energy Drink had to pull its sponsorship support of the live interactive television station, I was excited to know what the good news could be. So I decided the best way to be in on the action was to head over to theStream.tv station and watch the announcement live.

I was not disappointed. The Game Show opened with a filmed segment of the trio of hosts, Jim Festante, David Guida, and Nikole Zivalich, getting an Xbox friend request from…Revision3. Giddy with excitement, they accept the request to unlock the Synergistic Achievement at which they quipped: “they’ve seen our show, right?”

Apparently, they indeed have because yes, The Game Show will now be hosted on Revision3. What does this mean exactly? Gramo explained some more after the broadcast: “the important thing that people need to realize is that we didn’t just get a bunch of cash from them to pay for the show, there is going to be a special version made for Revision3 but the live version is still our same format, We’re hoping the increased distribution gets us a sponsor and obviously we can make some commission.” The commission comes from fans of The Game Show signing up on Netflix and Gamefly, much like all Revision3 shows.

Revision3 will make the announcement on their end Monday and you can begin watching the edited versions of The Game Show on the network starting Tuesday. Interestingly, this comes on the heels of an announcement on Area 5’s official blog that their live gaming show CO-OP Live only has two remaining episodes airing on April 6th and May 18th due to “business reasons, busy-ness reasons, and … changes to the company”.

Gramo also gave an update on how the studio upgraded are going. “Our upgrades are going as planned. It looks cooler, right? And we can set up much more complicated shows. Wait until we get a lot of the new toys in here, it’s going to be even better.”

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