Previously on Pointe Dume - web seriesJoss Whedon weblog Whedonesque has been abuzz with web news from the Whedonverse the past few days…and while some hardcore fans are thrilled, it’s also lead to some interesting questions (“What is Clue?”) as well as a fair share of debate.

First up was the news that Dollhouse actor Enver Gjokaj has a new web series. Described as “Twin Peaks meets Clue“, Previously On Point Dume will premiere Monday on Funny or Die. The soap opera parody is told entirely through collections of clips from the previous episodes never actually showing a full episode at any point. Gjokaj plays the “Lothario landscapist,” Ron, as well as Ron’s nemesis (and doppleganger), Bron. Oh, and he never wears a shirt (female Whedonites rejoice!). Plenty of familiar faces from the world of Whedon will be making appearances though no one has yet been officially announced. “We’re definitely not Joss here, but I was inspired by Joss and by Felicia,” said Gjokaj, “the way they got out ahead of the ball on the cutting edge of controlling their content.”

Then came the bombshell that Dr. Horrible 2 could very definitely be a reality…but not on the Internet. Neil Patrick Harris dropped the news in a recent MTV interview…well, okay, he just heavily hinted at it without making any sort of commitments whatsover. But even the idea of a move from computer screen to big screen resulted in a flurry of weblog debate.

For instance, poster Vandelay has this to say: “I feel that it may be going against the original principals of the piece, with its attempts to monetise web-videos and show the internet as a viable place to create original content. Moving Dr. Horrible to the big screen would be proving that the Internet was an inferior place to create fictional entertainment, rather than a medium of its own.” Posters weighed in on both sides of the argument: some for the move, others vehemently against it, while others just want to see a sequel regardless of where it ends up being shown.

Here the scoop directly from the (Bad) Horse’s mouth below.

Author’s note: I in no way think Neil Patrick Harris actually looks like a horse

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