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Pee-Wee Football Press ConferencesThe sub-culture of kids’ sports is explored in Pee-Wee Football Press Conferences. In the first  episode, “The Coach” must meet the press after a season opening blowout of the post-toddler team sponsored by TheFightingAccountants.com (Voted #1 All-Male accounting firm!).

“The Dinkens kid was wearing boat shoes again, a blatant equipment violation. Can we fine him this time?”
“Uh. He’s FIVE! What am I gonna fine him… a Pokemon card?”
“(disgust) Pokemon cards? Are you out of touch with today’s modern athlete?”

This seems like a one gag bit, better suited for a single Funny or Die short than a whole series. However, the filmmakers manage to build an interesting story arc  as we follow the “Accountants”  season.  At first, there are just hardball questions on double safetys and poor offensive play calls. As the seasons progresses, the major media moguls such as “Pee-Wee Fantasy Blog” have lost interest and are replaced by angry parents. The tide turns to questions about the coaches inability to delegate a proper snack parent, his recently called off wedding ( “Is your head in the game?”)  and his loathed “everyone gets to play” coaching philosophy. The footage is inter-cut with locker room and on-field interviews with the mini-gridiron not-so greats. .

The world of Pee-Wee sports is a comic gold mine. The show has ten, two minute episodes up and every show has some good chuckles. It can be a little uneven at times as the filmmakers decide on “The Coach’s” voice. He seesaws between incredulous everyman and seasoned football veteran. I would have liked to see the series take the gag a little further and explore this rich scenario deeper. That’s just my taste, whoever made this series has made a tight, funny show.

Did I just say “whoever?”

With most web series there is a strong emphasis on the credits. The industry standard seems to be that the end scroll should be almost as long as the episode. It takes a village and we all love to see our names in that 400×600 box that is glamorous YouTube fame.

These guys have gone the minimalist route. I have no idea who stars, directs or writes this series. The only hint we get is a double plug at the end of each episode. The first is for the site of “The Fighting Accounts,” a look at the “sponsors” of the team. The other is for Video Pollen. It leads you to a website that promotes Pee-Wee Football Press Conferences. Deeper in the site, we learn Video Pollen is a “New Media studio based in Los Angeles, CA “ and the principals are Dave and Brian Robel. Other than that there is no info on the series.

Yo! Video Pollen guys, you do good work. Let me know who you are so I can plug ya!

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