LG15: OutbreakWhat if someone gave you the chance to start over? That is the question asked in the new lonelygirl15: The Show Is Yours Season 2 trailer. While knowing that this will have something to do with the mythology of the lonelygirl franchise, this is also a question that could be asked to anybody in their teens or older. We all have things we wish we had done differently, better, or not at all. There are always circumstances beyond our control that are not to our liking. Not one person can say that, given the chance, they wouldn’t want to “start over”.

By asking this question Austin McConnell, the producer of LG15: Outbreak and a dedicated lg15 community member, is making an immediate connection with his audience and allowing them to put themselves in his young protagonist’s shoes. By doing this there is hope that LG15: Outbreak not only will cater to the already established community of LG15 fans, but also to a wider, newer audience that has yet to be introduced to the mythology.

From the trailer alone it appears that LG15: Outbreak will be a return to the roots of lonelygirl15, which started with a girl vlogging from her bedroom. Although very little of the story has been revealed thus far, what has been seen has shown exceptional production quality, what can be assumed to be visuals of the main characters, and a lot of questions that will, hopefully, be answered as the story unfolds.

LG15: Outbreak premieres today and will run for 8 weeks on the EQAL Umbrella-powered LG15 site and YouTube.

UPDATE: Though not officially announced, sources tell us that Dani Martin is the name of the actress starring as Crystal.

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