Turmeric (Olivia Poulet) and Deborah (Sarah Solemani) are two hippy Brit idealist environmentalists living together in a meager shed in Turmeric’s parent’s backyard. They believe that every action they make has genocidal consequences. Maybe you’ve heard of the butterfly effect. Well that’s just in movies. In the web series ‘mentalists, the concept is much more straightforward.

Here in the world that Turmeric and Deborah live in, the real world, it is more like the superginormous, skyscraper huge, gorilla with batwings spewing carbon emissions effect. That’s right. These two know that when we, the industrialized nation giant gorilla with batwings people, flush our refuse down our swimming pool sized toilets at least 300 baby white tigers die. That is the type of impact we are talking about here, people. It is severe.

So what are these two bashful birds doing about this? They have decided to start a regular podcast documenting their efforts to save the planet hoping to enlighten the rest of us. Their heroic efforts include bathing and brushing their teeth and taking with a single cup of cold water, living as freegans, and SWAT team style street clean ups.

Poulet and Solemani have a well developed chemistry together and their comedic interactions seem natural and not at all stiff. The jokes are original and their timing is excellent. The self-inflicted situations these two bring themselves into are funny enough, but the real payoff is watching their painful reactions. The scene in episode two where Deborah strips down to her bra and panties in the freezing cold to take a bath with a small cup of water shows she’s committed to saving the world, but perhaps hasn’t quite thought the whole thing through. She squirms and shivers, unsure of what to do or where to clean next. The whole while Turmeric, the clear task master of the two, prods Deborah on telling her where to bathe and how to feel about it.

These two church of the subgeniuses are now making such a profound impact on the rest of the world that they, personally and by my calculations, save at least 900 baby orphans a day (and that’s going on the assumption that they’re just straight vegetarian hippies and not pure vegan). See! You can make a difference. Tumeric and Deborah can show you how.

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