Horrible Turn - web series“Don’t let the bright lights and loud sounds fool you. This is fan art, not the work of Joss Whedon.”

Why did Billy Boy want to give Penny keys to a shiny new Australia? What’s the deal with Johnny Snow? Why the heck do people like Captain Hammer so damn much anyway? Answers to all these questions and more are now just a click away.

Shot in several locations around Houston, Texas, Horrible Turn tells the story of Billy Boy before he receives his PhD in Horribleness…you know, high school. It features 12 original songs, a talented cast of young performers, enough insider Whedon jokes to please the brownest of Browncoats and the Guildies.

Oh yeah, and it’s completely fan created.

Tubefilter had a chance to catch up with Chance McClain who directed, co-wrote, and co-produced this intrepid not-actually-canon-but-darn-good prequel. “We had a vision and fought to bring it to light at any cost,” said McClain. “401K’s were cashed in, tax refunds were used, and we inched across the finish line … The crew size varied. Some of the shoots were just me with Joey (Wright) or Kevin (Ryan) on camera. We would set the lights and start shooting. Other days we would have 10 or more people working crew. We would have a boom operator and three people setting lights, a hair dresser, make-up…like a real movie set!”

Joss Whedon and his creative team has always been encouraging of fan generated content, having run a contest to include video applications to the Evil League of Evil on the Dr. Horrible DVD. One of these entries grew to become the transmedia web series Fury of Solace.

Horrible Turn - stills2Interestingly, according to McClain, they haven’t heard anything from the Whedon camp. “As connected as Team Whedon is I would’ve thought we would hear something by now. But then again I totally understand if the silence is by choice. They have bigger fish to fry than a fan film … Sometimes though, when the light catches it just right, I get the impression that Joss’ beard liked the scene where Hammer stomps on the sand castle.”

It just goes to show that when Whedonites get restless, they’ll take action. Not to mention this is a fantastic calling-card for its creators. “The response for this project has been incredible,” stated McClain. “We are awed and humbled by all of the positive press and comments and we are trying to learn from the negative stuff. Horrible Turn was our film school and we are chomping at the bit to start another project.”

You can catch Horrible Turn at the show’s website and don’t forget to watch all the way to the end, there is some hilarious bonus material including a love song to Hammer (pre-Captain) and a blooper reel. And if you are in the Austin area, there is free screening at The Ritz Alamo Draft House on Black Friday at 10PM.

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