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Full disclosure: I am a fan of serial killers. Now before you back away slowly from your computer screen, I assure you it is a purely academic fascination. I have always wanted to know what in a person’s mind compels them to take life: is it something a person is born with or that develops over time? Is there ever instances when it could be a benefit?

So you can only imagine how I feel about Showtime’s Dexter. Michael C. Hall is captivating as the serial killer with a heart of gold…well, it might be gold if he could actually truly feel anything at all. The Emmy-nominated series takes an unapologetic look at how it is actually possible to murder and have a socially-acceptable life at the same time.

One of the great story-telling aspects of the series are the glimpses into Dexter’s past: as his adopted father discovered his dark leanings and instead of condemning them, redirected them in an effort to avoid the invariably unhappy ending that could have been. Today Showtime announced that it will be premiering a twelve-part exclusive animated web series entitled Dexter: Early Cuts, which will hopefully expand upon the flashbacks that we’ve seen to date.

Dexter Early Cuts 2 - web seriesWritten by Dexter producer and writer Lauren Gussis and driven by voiceover by Hall himself, viewers see the beginnings of Dexter’s methods, watching his process evolve to the methodical and calculated rituals he currently employs. The audience will have their questions answered about tidbits of Dexter’s life such as when he started collecting slides of his victims and how he acquired his boat, the Slice of Life. Each webisode features a different illustrator such as eight-time Eisner Award winner Andres Vera Martinez and, Ty Templeton.

Dexter: Early Cuts premieres on Sunday, October 25 on and will also be available On Demand.

Images courtesy of Showtime.

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