Mercury MenYou walk into a government office, the dreary kind with white-walled cubicles and humming fluorescent lights. You need a form stamped, but the underpaid government employee is a jerk and won’t do it without you going through another chain of bureaucracy for the right signatures. It’s not enough you’ve been standing in line for hours while sweat drips down the back of your neck.

That government employee is Edward Borman (Mark Tierno), one of the heroes in Chris Preksta’s The Mercury Men, a sci-fi web series set in an alternative history in 1975 where aliens really do live on other planets in our solar system. When pure-light beings from the planet Mercury invade earth, it is up to him and action-hero Jack Yaeger (Curt Wootton) to stop them. Did we mention the baddies shoot lightning from their fingertips? The action-hero, adorned with a leather flight helmet while brandishing a laser pistol, is an aerospace engineer from a mysterious organization known as the “League.” Good luck Jack.
In a recent interview with us, Preksta, who directed and wrote the series, gave us some insight into the show’s first season. “This first season is a knothole. When approach the first season, we are getting to peak through the fence. Hint at this and hint at that,” said Preksta. “There were lots of things in [Star Wars:] A New Hope that weren’t explained and it created a sense of mystery for me as a kid.”

Poster - Mercury MenFans of the Streamy Awards might remember Preksta’s other baby, Captain Blasto (also starring Wootton), which was nominated for two of the coveted web-series trophies. The show has already built quite a fan-following and began as a concept film shown to audiences at the Brainwash Movie Festival, the Action on Film Festival, and San Diego Comic-Con 2008. To enrich viewers’ experience of the show, Mercury Men Pictures will put out what they call “digital props,” pieces of the show sold as part of The Mercury Men story.

So far, Mercury Men Pictures has turned out two trailers and one teaser for the show. The latest trailer (above), includes never-before-seen footage of the oddly-matched pair and their extraterrestrial enemies. The first season will be spread across 10 episodes and have run-time of about 7-8 minutes each. Release of the show is tentative while the production company seeks out sponsors and advertisers but Preksta said viewers can look for it sometime this fall.

“[Jack] opens up this whole other world for Edward where he is able to explain and reveal to him that there is more out there and that there are people who wish to do harm to the planet Earth,” said Preksta.

The first episode is action packed, but don’t expect every episode to be that way, said Preksta. Many slower-tempo episodes will attempt to build up the plot’s mystery while developing the characters.
Preksta gave us a private viewing of the first episode, and while it would be premature to give a full-blown review, I can say that what I have seen blows my mind. The production quality, the acting, the music, the directing, everything presented in this first episode should have mainstream studios take notice. Currently, The Mercury Men is looking for funding, so advertisers, sponsors, pay attention because if The Mercury Men takes off like I think it will, you’ll want to be on board.

More photos from The Mercury Men, courtesy of Mercury Men Pictures:

Mercury Men - still 2

Mercury Men - still 1

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