'Skinny Jeans Movement' Bringing Jerkin' Online

By 07/31/2009
'Skinny Jeans Movement' Bringing Jerkin' Online
skinny jeans movement

Maybe one of the most beautiful things about web television is its diversity—exposing audiences to anything and everything and filling in the voids where television has failed us. Skinny Jeans: The Movement is a perfect example. Had MTV not lost its soul to sex and cat fights more people in the world may know about a talented group of young dancers who are a part of urban jerk culture blossoming in the communities in and around downtown Los Angeles.

Jerk culture started to spread around Los Angeles over the past two years highlighted by dance crews who battle each other while “jerkin'” adding freestyle lose dance moves characterized by dips, pin drops, and lower body work all while taking fashion risks along with dance risks. It’s not unusual for a talented to dancer to show off their moves wearing skinny jeans and a purple highlighted ‘fro. Jerks like to embrace 80s colors and vibes and might even throw in a running man here and there.

But it is the New Boyz, a pair of seventeen-year-old rappers who have brought the movement to the forefront. The video for their song You’re a Jerk (see the making of below) brought out hundred of locals to a downtown warehouse for a chance to appear with the Boyz, and of course, to dance.

Candor Entertainment recognized the value of youth counterculture when they tapped the Boyz to star in the upcoming 20-episode web series Skinny Jeans: The Movement, which is set to debut August 11th. A preview of the series is now up on Candor’s website. It’s a nice intro to those of us who needed an education in jerkin’, and it’s rife with jerk-friendly bands like the Pink Dollaz, The Bangz, and the Kream Kidz. It’s also chock full of dancing, the true star of the movement, and even the preview is enough to make on want to turn off the computer, grab some skinny jeans, and pump up the bass.