'Project Rant' Gives Pissed Off People an Elegant Voice

By 07/07/2009
'Project Rant' Gives Pissed Off People an Elegant Voice

project rant

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle another vlog-based web series, along comes Project Rant and blows past all vloggie expectations.

The concept for the series is simple–write to Project Rant about something you want to, well, rant about and the group might make a video of it, sparing you from making your own vlog post about what really gets your goat.


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At Project Rant professional actors take the words of anonymous ranters and meld them into almost more of a slam poetry triathlon as opposed to another person sitting a poorly-lit room spewing some crazy sh*t, and oh yeah, Project Rant really loves it when their ranters fill their submissions with expletives, which they bleep out for comic effect. Sounds simple, but it really works. Watching is equally satisfying as ranting, as laughter they say, is the best medicine.


Kudos to creator Luis Esteban Caffesse and Cliff Wildman for making even the most mundane of rants interesting. Additionally, his blog is about as addicting as StuffWhitePeopleLike, as I found myself sitting and agreeing out loud with the things that can be annoying ala a missused apostrophe and teenagers who love 70s rock.

Next time, before you go out and get even, submit your rant so we can all laugh, and feel a little bit better.

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