Captain Alpha MaleWho would have thought that web television’s boldest hero would be a guy with a graying beard and an affectation for business casual?

Meet Captain Alpha Male, a new superhero series due out this summer that promises to help you fix your comb-over and turn that practical four-door sedan into a four-door sex machine. The show comes courtesy of co-creators Jay Lutsky (Captain Alpha Male himself), Ric Serena, and Dan Greenberger, all comrades-in-arms with network television writing, directing, and producing experience with giants like CBS.

It may be hard to believe, but Captain Alpha Male’s superhero origin story is as ignoble as a video-blog that gave Lutsky something to do during his daily dose of commute traffic, the results of which are posted over at the current homepage. While the vlogs themselves are pretty funny (the Iron Man one is my personal favorite) Lutsky’s character became the inspiration for a whole web series.

Details on the show are admittedly scarce, so we had to track Captain Alpha Male himself down for a few answers.

Captain Alpha Male - posterTubefilter: It looks like the show has been running as a blog/video-blog for some time now. Is the plan to continue the vlogging and start producing episodic content like the material shown in the trailer, or will you be switching from one format to another?

Jay Lutsky: The original idea came from my desire to get into the world of original web content. But without much time between work and family I had the idea to turn my time wasted in traffic into something fun that would give me a little improv/creative outlet. The result was Captain Alpha Male, the first middle management superhero! I still post new videos when I can. But to be clear, it is not the new web series. With the help of some very talented friends we were able to build a real world with real production values around the character in this new web series.

Tubefilter: When are you planning to launch? What kind of release schedule, if any, will you be working with? How long will each episode be?

JL: We shot the show as a web series that can also play as a continuous single camera half-hour comedy. Our plan is to roll it out as a web series this summer and try and create an audience/buzz around it so that hopefully a sponsor will come on board for future episodes. Right now we are ready to launch with a 6 episode first season. Each episode runs about 5 minutes long.

Tubefilter: Is this going to be a full-time gig for you? Will you be aiming for sponsorships? Or is this more of a side project for exposure?

JL: We, the cast and crew have full time jobs so it was truly a labor of love. Everyone worked for deferred payments on nights and weekends and some day, night or weekend we really, really hope to pay everyone! We are looking for sponsors to keep the series going. But right now the show is self financed by Dan and I so it is also a labor of debt. 🙂

Watch out, Wolverine: Captain Alpha Male is going to steal your thunder this summer. Check out the trailer for the series above or stop by the Hero Chronicles site for a look back at the video blogs that started it all:

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