LA I.C.E.The immigration debate doesn’t often center on Canadians. In fact, Canada even recently extended an invitation to American citizens who might qualify as Canadians, announcing they could even wake up as a Canadian, easy as… well, something with maple leaf syrup on it. But for the immigration officials in Atomic Wedgie’s web series LA I.C.E. illegal Canadians are no laughing matter–that is, until you watch the show, which is very, very funny.

Actor Chris Marrs thought up the idea when joking with a Canadian buddy of his. “I was teasing him about being deported – that ICE–Illegal Canadian Enforcement (note: not to be confused with US Customs’ ICE, which sports a Most Wanted List of some pretty nasty types) was going to ship him back north. We started riffing on the notion of immigration raids against Canadians. I thought it was such a funny idea to imagine the agents at ICE charged with policing Canadians in LA – how ridiculous that unit could be and how you could map the real immigration debate and headlines into a comedic setting about hunting down people in this seemingly harmless community,” says Marrs.

molsoniceFremantle thinks the show has legs, recently signing a development deal with the goal of getting LA I.C.E. on television. With a Reno 911 feel backed by a parody of the hot button issue of immigration, it seems LA I.C.E. may indeed be bound for the airwaves. Meanwhile Marrs, fellow actor Adam Grimes, and producer Timothy Kendall are brewing up more ways to stop Canadian immigrants with new episodes to eventually go live once a month.

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