'Primetime' Becomes Yahoo's Most Popular Web Series, 208M Views!

By 05/22/2009
'Primetime' Becomes Yahoo's Most Popular Web Series, 208M Views!
Primetime in No Time
With their hugely popular series Primetime in No Time, Yahoo! offers a daily recap of everything you missed last night on TV. Hosted by comedian Frank Nicotero entire evenings of sitcoms, dramas, and reality shows are distilled into a fast paced laugh fest. Frank pokes fun at our favorite shows and the ones that make us cringe. The Yahoo! audience eats it up. Last month Primetime in No Time flew past 208 million views mark, keeping sponsor Verizon giddy along with it.

With the re-capping phenomenon of cable shows like The Soup, The Dish, and Best Week Ever and the web series like This Week in YouTube, Primetime in No Time offers a pop culture crash course in quick episodes. Catching up the most outrageous things that happened on TV can often be more fun that watching the shows themselves. Thankfully we have Frank and the staff at Yahoo! to do it for us.

Tubefilter headed to Yahoo last night- to visit Frank on the set to find out more about how they put together the show get it ready for Yahoo TV the next morning. Their nightly TV watching, episode writing, taping, and editing happens every night from Sunday through Thursday, so that viewers will be able to get their Primetime in no time. (Har Har)

Tubefilter interview with host Frank Nicotero: