Streak to WinMost college sports are for the purists. They’re for the people who can appreciate the game even when it’s stripped down of all the attention, drama, and spectacle that comes with the money in professional sports. That’s why people love school sports stories – they’re clean. Pure. Naked.

As far as college sports shows go, Streak to Win is questionable on those first two, but definitely the third. That’s right – running naked across campus is now a competitive event, thanks to the dedicated varsity Streaking team at Hamilton College. I bet their Admissions Department is busy trying to spin this one right now. Streak to Win captures a moment as significant to American sports history as Jackie Robinson or Michael Jordan; the moment that streaking went from a pastime of college kids drunk on hootch and youth to a capital-S Sport.

The first episode, “We’re Going Streaking!” documents the formation of the Hamilton College Streaking Team, including the grueling physical and mental pressure of the tryout process and an introduction to the sport itself. The action doesn’t really pick up until the second episode, “The Sound and the Fury“, where the team launches their NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference) tour and delves into the intricacies of a good streaking route (plenty of escape routes, constant momentum) and the rules of Streaking 101. The latest episode, “Get Naked or Go Home”, drops trow this Friday May 8th. Oh, and in case you were wondering – all the naughty bits, with the exception of a few rear ends, have been tastefully blurred out. It’s probably not quite safe for work – or decent company – but that would be for different reasons altogether.

If the two episodes didn’t satisfy your taste for naked college students, they’ve also got plenty of other stuff at the homepage, including a forum, some more info on the team, and somewhat ironically, a merchandise page that includes a STW T-shirt.

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