'Road to the Altar' Trailer, Jaleel White is Getting Married

By 04/24/2009
'Road to the Altar' Trailer, Jaleel White is Getting Married

Road to the Altar - web seriesIf there is one thing that the American public can take away from the political events of the last six months, it is the understanding that people place incredible significance on the ritual of marriage. Whether you’re liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, gay or straight, or anything in between, odds are good that you think the romantic union of two people is important.

And as MWG Entertainment’s latest show Road to the Altar demonstrates, that’s precisely why it can be so darn hilarious.

Road to the Altar is a matrimony mockumentary starring Jaleel White (better known as Steve Urkel from Family Matters, though I’m sure he hates me for saying that) and Leyna Weber (don’t pretend you don’t remember her from As The World Turns) as the husband and wife-to-be. So far, there’s only a teaser that’s been trickling through the Internet, but when the show premieres on June 15th you can expect plenty of gags about floral arrangements and family compatibility, disbursed in ten 4-minute episodes. Personally, I’m just excited to see Jaleel White again.

Road to the AltarYou may remember MWG Entertainment – they did My Two Fans, which premiered in early March. The success of My Two Fans apparently enabled them to land some decent sponsorship deals for Road to the Altar – Pier 1, Blackberry, Panda Express, and iRobot are all signed on for a “brand integration and product placement deal”, so we’ll get to see the romantic couple juggling wedding planning over their Blackberries while chowing down on some cheap Chinese fast food.

“I am thrilled, particularly given the current climate, that we have brands onboard that are not only financially supporting us, but also have been most creative and forward thinking for our second series, Road to the Altar. I look forward to continuing our warm and productive relationship with these companies,” said MWG’s CEO Max Goldenson.

In terms of integration, one episode of the series will be shot at the Pier 1 branch in Los Angeles, which is known for affordable furniture and knick-knacks fit for a young couple’s wedding registry. If you’re yearning for more, Google turns up a set of pics from an on-set visit, which you can catch here – otherwise, stay tuned for more Road to the Altar coverage once the show drops on June 15th.

(Photos by Jon Rou.)