The Ennead - web seriesTerry Miles’s latest project, 26-episode thriller web series The Ennead, starts out with five people waking up in a forest with assorted objects in their pockets and absolutely no memory of how any of them got there – or pretty much anything else, for that matter. If this were Miles’s other recent project, AdMuse, you might think it was a result of some kind of crazy office party. In The Ennead, however, all we know is that these five are part of some sort of ages-long secret battle over the fate of the world.

For centuries, behind the scenes, two sides have been fighting a war. In the quest for any advantage, both sides are searching for The Eternals, Nine of them are known as The Ennead. The Eternals have helped shape the destiny of the world from the beginning of time, but centuries ago they vanished.

Now time is running out, and finding The Eternals might be this world’s last hope. It was prophesized that a mysterious comet would enter the Earths atmosphere just before the Apocalypse.

Ennead - castWriting about the cast is a little tricky at this point because we don’t know much about the characters quite yet, but here goes. Casey Manderson of AdMuse is back as nerdy-cute “Cats”, model/dancer/actress; Melissa Kelly plays Flick, Candace Chase is “Nova”, Renee St. Cyr (not the 1900s French actress) is Teeth, Chanel Taylor (not to be confused with porn starlet Taylor Chanel) plays Princess, and The Captain is played by Steve Thackray. If you’re having a hard time remembering who is who, go ahead and drop by the cast page at the blog for The Ennead for an easy cheat sheet.

So far, the show is decidedly Heroes-esque in its blend of drama and science fiction and its rather ominous undertones (the frequently reoccurring “Who was in the car?” is clearly a nod to “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World”). As of this writing, the show is three episodes in, each weighing in at about six minutes each. New episodes are scheduled to be released every Thursday at 9pm Pacific. The preferred method of delivery is none other than YouTube. Episode 1 (above) is off to an impressive start with over 330k views so far. If you’re looking for more production updates, check out the production blog.

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