'Flying Kebab' Takes Us on a Visual Culture Trip

By 04/09/2009
'Flying Kebab' Takes Us on a Visual Culture Trip

Flying KebabIf someone would ask you, “What defines your culture?”, how would you respond? One would say it would be the city lights of Tokyo at night if they came from the land of the rising sun. The majestic sight of the Taj Mahal in India would perhaps show the roots and ancestry of the people from that country. Or maybe, just a taste of a fresh taco along the streets of Mexico can define culture to others coming from south.

But to Nando, a photographer who discovers he has some sort of inheritance waiting for him in Beirut Lebanon, we grasp a vivid and uncanny vision of what defines his culture behind his lenses—that definition is simply everyday life.

Flying Kebab - web seriesFlying Kebab is an amazing narrative web series that follows the adventures of Nando, played by Fernando Borges, as he explores his heritage along the street of Beirut while he awaits to unravel his mysterious inheritance. Directed by São Paulo Brazil-based Matheus Siqueira along with associate producer Cléderson Perez, the series introduces a new perspective in the way we see life around us.

The pilot begins with Nando practicing his profession, as he snaps pictures of different faces, places and situations. As he arrives home, he opens up a long letter addressed from Lebanon, appearing to be written by someone close to him. The only problem is, the whole letter’s written in Arabic, which to Nando, it’s about as informative as an instruction booklet written in Chinese.

Even his friend, who’s of Arab descent, can’t also read the language. So, Nando then decides to step outside and ask the locals. Finally, he meets a market vendor who translates, “The letter says you were left some sort of inheritance in Lebanon”.

Flying Kebab - photos“Is it money, a mansion, real estate, stocks,” he asks the lady behind the counter. “It only says there is an inheritance waiting for you,” she replies. From there on, Nando packs his bags and lenses and heads out for an adventure he will never forget.

And viewers will be remembering his adventures as well, as the series is directed with so much beauty and art that will make you take a stroll in the cities as well to take it all in. The cinematography through out Flying Kebab is quite mesmerizing as each moment is filled with vibrancy. It’s like looking at Nando’s photographs—filled with different faces, places and situations.

Nando’s adventure in Beirut doesn’t just happen on video—you can follow his explorations via Twitter and especially Flickr. So whenever you feel like taking a break from your work, chores or even if you’re just in the need to discover something new, Flying Kebab will take you places. And, maybe it will even make you discover a thing or two about your own culture.