Wake Up Games is a series of faux promotional potholes full of controversial content, interwoven with action-game packed politically sensitive assaults.

The original web series is a perfect entertainment product for those that spend their free time doing reconnaissance for Call of Duty, but with its amateur dialogue and crude cast of characters, it appeals beyond the insider gamer demo to those that just like kinda clever comedy.

In the first episode, “Iraq: Behind the Game,” Chaz Layton – who heads up marketing and founded the Wake-Up Games production shop with inheritance money after his parents passed away – formidably asserts his company’s main purpose: “Socio-political content ripped from today’s headlines.”

You know, like Law and Order. Except on your PS3, personal computer, or Nintendo DS.

With high hopes of making games that expand people’s minds instead of rotting them, there is no subject too taboo for Wake-Up. Each episode depicts today’s most prominent issues as the next-best, new video game, replete with not-so-subtle sociopolitical critique.

Whether it is the war on Iraq, same-sex marriage debate or cracking the puzzle of Darfur (complete with an Angelina Jolie bail-out solution), the comedic quips are as amusing as any good cut scene, and kudos to the creators for thinking outside the X-box (sorry).

Produced by Greg & Lou present Lou & Greg, the series stars Greg Burke and Lou Perez and is directed and co-written by good buddy, A.J. Morales who literally has his hand on the joystick at his current day job as Head of Narrative Game Design for Longtail Studios. Other cast members come and go with each promo and include Steve Stout as Chaz and Neil Casey as the publisher.

So how do you win any of Wake-Up Games’ games? You don’t, but winning’s not the point. The titles are meant to engage, deliver hot topics, expand the consciousness, and squeeze in a little comedy. Gamers will revel in the show’s mockery of the gaming industry and politically incorrect fans will appreciate its better than 8-bit sized humor.

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