New Reality Series Urges Women to Find Inner 'Broad'

By 03/31/2009
New Reality Series Urges Women to Find Inner 'Broad'

Broads, The Series can definitely be defined as series embracing girl power based on the recently released trailer. Director Tiffany Loria has no doubts about the purpose of the project: to empower women. The web series stems, Loria says, from “my personal search to define who I am.”

broads the seriesThe show will highlight a wide variety of high achieving women over a twelve episode series, each woman getting her own episode as a chance to tell her story. Some of the show’s “broads”  include singer/ actress Dana Fuchs (Across the Universe), “peacemaker” Karen Doubilet who founded the valiant nonprofit PeacePlayers in an effort to get divided ethnic groups to unite through sports, and philanthropist Sylvia Allen godmother to over 800 children at an Ugandan primary school.

Loria is still working on formulating the series, and encourages her audience to visit Broads on Facebook and make suggestions for women they would like to see highlighted. “We are really getting a steady flux of inquiries now and it’s very exciting to see a project with such guts and meaning start to take hold,” she says.

Broads is also getting some attention with a positive blessing from MTV Senior VP Kevin Mackall who calls the show “an engine of change.” In a sea of bad news, it is refreshing to see a show with such a positive bent that clearly is not only spreading the word about empowering women, but also their worthy causes. It’s nice to see some good broads united.