We All Float OnWe All Float On makes it on to the list of “Shows That Every Aspiring Web Series Creator Should Watch” for one simple reason: it’s a show about a pair of two twenty-something best friends who decide that they need to grow up and become proper adults. Episode One of the series premiered today at noon EST, with new episodes every Wednesday.

Created by veteran commercial director Jason Zada, Tim Immordino, and Nic Novicki, and starring Novicki and comedian Bob Bledsoe as Marvin and Timmy, We All Float On starts off with a very promising pilot episode; Marvin and Timmy wake up to find that their primary source of income – selling stuff online – has been shut down by the website authorities for violating the Terms of Service. Specifically, selling used women’s footwear and inadvertently enabling a niche foot fetish underground economy. Nothing makes two guys want to grow up like being raided by the authorities and tasered a few times.

Jason ZadaZada’s extensive commercial background help the team land sponsorship for the first three episodes from the likes of Panasonic, Fuji and Tool with LG and NOS Energy drinks providing product placement. We All Float On marks the first web series for Zada, though he’s scored online notoriety for creating the infamous dancing elf that racked up 193 million views in just six weeks.

The site for We All Float On is polished, complete with the promo trailer, the debut episode (below), links to the soundtrack on Amazon.com, and plenty of background information including an in-character Twitter for Marvin and Timmy and a production blog.

As a twenty-something currently hustling a living off of freelance online writing jobs, I have to wonder if this show goes under “Comedy” or “Cautionary Tale”. Any other Tubefilter readers out there in similar straits?

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