If you’re surfing the web for a righteous, down and dirty banter between broads, click on TheWB.com for one of the best comedies streaming the internet today. And the word “broad” definitely defines the infinite innuendos between B/F/F’s (Best Frenemies Forever) Joni and Susanna, who have the right style of wit to pull off a show which capitalizes on the comic timing of talking sh*t and taking names.

The simplicity of this girl on girl (sometimes literally, sometimes not) web series is refreshing and two thumbs up goes out to TheWB for spotting and hiring talented YouTube sensations, Joni Lefkowitz and Susanna Fogel to write, produce, and star in the original web series Joni & Susanna.

The frenemies provide upbeat, streamlined humor about the interlocking lives of two women involved in a passive-aggressive, bitter-sweet friendship (Joni is gay, Susanna is straight) who find themselves tackling today’s issues and discussing daily quid pro quo while living and loving in Los Angeles.

In 2007 the co-creators launched the beginning bits of the Joni & Susanna show on YouTube as a humble attempt to exploit the talents and writing of Fogel and Lefkowitz. But soon after it hit the web, TheWB took notice and the real-life best friends inked a deal with the major online network (similar to what happened with the girls from Whatever Hollywood).

And that’s saying something. There are a slew of best friends trying to shamelessly promote themselves on the web right now, but Lefkowitz and Fogel caught the attention of Warner Bros. Now, with an actual budget in hand, the semi-scripted show has expanded its story lines to include a cast of friends, lovers, and extras to help create the communicative conflict as the B/F/F’s try to live normal lives in the big city.

In the first episode, “Party,” the girls play wingwomen to one another, but after a cute girl catches Joni’s eye, Susanna’s advise is more sabotage than useful. Visa versa, Joni doesn’t lend a helping hand when Susanna attempts to lure a boy to ask her out again. In another episode “Gym,” the girls engage in an informal dialogue with fellow workout buddies, coming off as genuine gym rats, while taking a jab at one another’s reputation when the other isn’t around. And no matter where these two appear, they pleasantly provide subtext throughout each scene as they encounter various but familiar set ups.

The two cohorts have a enduring delivery of filtering a contagious “to and fro” commentary, adapting a simple, yet powerful style of casual consciousness. And since each girl bats for a different team, one might think it would eliminate an urge to compete with each other, but quite the contrary. Regardless of sexual orientation, the repartee is delivered effortlessly in each episode, offering up timeless deadpan hilarity.

As Lefkowtiz stated it in a recent interview with AfterEllen, “Lesbians and straight girls are the perfect marriage because the lesbian isn’t a threat to the straight girl’s game, and the straight girl gets validation from the thought that if she were gay, the lesbian would want to be with her.” And Susanna’s character agrees with Joni’s logic. In an episode where she learns about Joni’s failed attempt to come out to her mom, she offers up some comfort: “I’m here for you…every day. I’m like your wife.”

In addition to their self entitled show, the writing pair have gone on to create and become head writers for the HBO pilot, Washingtonienne exec-produced by Sex and the City‘s fashionista, Sara Jessica Parker. But before that hits TV sets, check out Joni & Susanna on TheWB.com.

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