AdMuseOffice comedy tends to focus on making the everyday mundane funny – see everything from Dilbert and Office Space to The Office. It’s perfectly natural, of course; they just take the day-to-day idiosyncrasies of office life and stretch it just a little bit further than they normally go, with generally hilarious results.

The first episode of AdMuse, created by writer-director-editor-cameraman Terry Miles, quickly establishes that day-to-day-office humor is exactly what AdMuse is not. Over the course of five minutes, copywriter Brickman Mordecai (Casey Manderson) finds friction with creative director Sandra Smith (Michelle Miazga) over an advertisement spot starring tall blonde bikini-clad junior copywriter Jeannie Evans (Kristine Cofsky) for Stuff-It Brand Caulking. “Caulk,” purrs Jeannie, and the text overlay simply says “Caulk: Because It’s A Verb”. Meanwhile, billionaire agency owner Jacob Jacobson (Ryan Haneman) describes with delicious intensity his coming-of-age gangrape at the hands of ten silverback gorillas to the agency intern, and Jeannie and Sandra conspire to prevent Brickman from taking a job at a rival agency by posing as Brickman’s parole officer over the phone.

Think less “day-to-day office humor” and more “astounding amounts of sexual energy that just happens to be set in an office”. If that sounds at all appealing to you, some of the other episodes involve a commercial with Jesus, the reappearance of an old boyfriend whose manhood is best described in terms of snakes, and an ad spot for the National Pillow Fight Association.

Looking for that link again? It’s right here.

Sadly, the show has run its six-episode course, so don’t expect anything else from the AdMuse crew. If that caught your attention, however, you might want to take a look at When Life Was Good, another Terry Miles project that also stars Kristine Cofsky and Casey Manderson.

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