Dorm LifeWinter Break seems so short during college; after all, it’s only a month.

Winter Break for Attention Span Media‘s Dorm Life fans, however, has been going on for much, much longer. We last caught up with the Dorm Life crew (creators Jessie Gaskell, Jim Brandon, and Brian Singleton) in late October to discover exactly what went into the making of the most popular web series on and we haven’t heard much from them since. So we’re glad to announce that, finally, you can shed your internships, ditch your friends, promise to call your parents every day, and move back into Dorm Life Season 2.

As it turns out, the show has inked a deal with MySpace, so you’ll be able to catch all the Season 2 episodes on MySpace Video‘s (fka MySpaceTV) Dorm Life page two days before they show up on any other video websites. The first episode is scheduled to debut this Saturday, February 28th. What’s more, they’ve landed a sponsorship with burger chain Carl’s Jr., so hopefully we can expect to see the series continue without any more 9-month breaks. Maybe they’ll work the sponsorship into an episode about the Freshman 15.

Dorm Life - Season 2For those of you who missed the boat on Dorm Life during the initial run last year, the show mockumentary centered around the life, love, and drama of the residents of a dormitory floor simply named “5 South”. Dorm Life didn’t make it to Hulu’s #1 by luck, however; the acting alone raised the bar for all web series. Sound like your thing? Go ahead and catch Semester One here.

Writer-producer-star Brian Singleton gave us a little hint at what to expect from season 2 in our interview from the fall:

BS: The second season is the story of second semester. Our floor comes back from Christmas break after spending some time at home ready to tie up the lose ends from last semester. All the questions we left the end of Season 1 will be addressed- Did Mike blow it forever with Brittany? We know Abby is engaged but is she totally out of the picture? With Shane on academic probation, will his partying lifestyle have to be put on hold so he can get his act together? How will Danny B get out of the friend zone with his Mystery Hot Girl? Do Steph and Marshall get married? We find out in second semester! This season also features several new characters who have been lurking in the background of Season 1.

Dorm Life 4In keeping with the spirit of Dorm Life return, and because it’s Friday, go ahead and post your best (or worst) communal living experiences in the comments.

Mine has to be a three-way tie between:

  • The time I opened the door to my room, only to discover that the door hit my next-door neighbor in the head while he was having sex with his girlfriend on the floor, essentially rendering me sexiled by someone who wasn’t my roommate
  • The time I heard my other next-door neighbor (Robert) walk into his room while his roommate was having sex with his girlfriend, thereby causing said roommate to cry out “ROBERT” during climax, which reduced his girlfriend to tears
  • The time I woke up in the middle of the night my roommate’s voice; he had a propensity for talking in his sleep, and that night he was having a sex dream.

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