J Line To RichesRemember those restless years in your twenties when you had no money, no career, a promiscuous sex life and still a glimmer of hope that you would make it one day? If you have forgotten those trying times, J Line to Riches is now boarding. Have a seat and ride down memory lane to the years you would most likely want to forget.

Four unemployed college graduates residing on the Upper East Side of New York are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme (Who hasn’t?). The degenerates include: Hath, a former clown but desperate to achieve, John (soon to be Sasha) overly into women, Russ, the overweight guy, and don’t forget the cute red headed girl Sarah, former event planner who is documenting the boys to stay on their syphilis effected sofa.

The roommates have 48 hours until their rent is due and each episode brings you a little bit further along in the day leading to the impending deadline. It’s comparable to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, where the characters main goal is to ultimately do nothing. A sense of entitlement and difficulty adapting to the workplace is the epitome of the Gen-Y mentality. In their attempt for fast cash they max out their credit cards buying appliances and plan to hike up prices online. To lure potential buyers they create a fake porn site.

J Line To Riches Show creators Michelle Fix and Jake Beesley have shaped a new way to get sponsors involved with the show. Throughout season one you see the characters interacting with products all labeled “Your Brand Here”. A great way to show sponsors what they could get in return for some coin? Perhaps. At least it’s encouraging to see some new sponsorship tactics getting thrown around.

There is a certain charm this show contains yet overall I don’t think the series has hit its stride. There some funny moments from clever editing and when Sasha breaks the third wall as a Mr. Rogers character. With the help of some sound mixing, motion graphics and a few lights it could reach its goal of being a sponsored series.

They will be releasing episode two next Friday and every other week thereafter. If you have the patience to wade through the somewhat clunky site, and wait for the episodes to load on their QuickTime player you will find promos, rants and a full season one trailer. Snoop around you’ll even find a secret website for some of the roommates failed shenanigans. Season two is scheduled to go into production this May.

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