Team Tiger AwesomeLA-based web comedy troupe Team Tiger Awesome, Nick Mundy, Clint Gage and Michael Ryan Truly, has had their morbidly hilarious web series pilot Oprah Is Dead picked up by Comedy Central’s, after “pitching it all over town.”

Oprah Is Dead takes a look at what would happen to our world if Oprah Winfrey died, leaving us to understand our feelings by ourselves, seek validation elsewhere, and figure out what to read on our own. Needless to say, the outlook is pretty bleak – mass hysteria, indiscriminate violence, and wasteland gangs lead by Dr. Phil. I never really thought of it this way, but I guess Oprah is the only thing standing between the civilized world and Mad Max.

“It’s a project that we are really passionate about and in where we really tried to really push the boundaries of what you could do in terms of production value in internet content,” says Nick Mundy of Team Tiger Awesome. When asked whether they had further plans for the post-Oprah world, he replied “As far as expanding this post-Oprah world, we do have plenty of ideas that we came up with while shooting or that we had to cut, but there is a certain amount of finality at the end of the short. I think it really depends on how well this one does now that it is out.”

Personally, I’m hoping they do the rest of the music video at the end. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Guess you’ll just have to watch it. And while you’re at it, check out Team Tiger Awesome’s other projects on their like  28 Days Slater, Pizza Robot and the other recently picked up for AtomTV series, Fender Bender Strausen.

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