Shira LazarDigg founder (and Diggnation host) Kevin Rose is teaming up with Ashton Kutcher (creator of Blah Girls web series and a few other things) to do a 24-hour reality web show during this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Titled 24 Hours At Sundance, the series features a veritable who’s who of internet celebs: CJ Peters of Konsole Kingz, VentureBeat Founder Matt Marshall and web journalist star Shira Lazar, gadget blogger Meghan Asha (co-founder of NonSociety) and internet personality Irina Slutsky all competing for…something unspecified. Really, all we know is that it starts on Saturday, January 19th, at 9am and co-hosts Kutcher and Rose have final authority to determine the winner.

Our fave right now for the top spot is Shira Lazar (above), who kicked off her competition last night at the Tubefilter Hollywood Web TV Meetup with a livecast on stage and a generous shout-out to Tubefilter. (See embed below:)

Since there isn’t any other news about the show, I’m going to propose a couple potential games for the show.

Digg Faster: Race to see who can reach Digg Power User status the fastest. (Obviously, everyone starts with a new account. I’m betting on Asha to take this one.)

Sincerely Yours: Remember going to Disneyland and trying to get all the characters to sign your collectible book? Imagine that, only instead we’d give the contestants an hour to see how many celebrity autographs they could get their grubby paws on. (Afterwards, we can see how their conception of celebrity matches up with that of the public. Points will be deducted for getting Kutcher’s signature.)

I Totally Saw It:
Give the contestants ten minutes to examine all Sundance 2009 promo materials. Then have them try to convince a panel of judges that they have, in fact, seen the movie – even the ones that are premiering at the festival. (Bonus points if any contestant manages to convince the judges that said judge has actually seen that movie on late-night cable TV.)

Sound like fun? Post your game ideas in the comments!

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