3WayTV is a self-described Three’s Company with hot, funny lesbians. Unlike other web series with lesbian leads we’ve reviewed (see TheWB’s Joni and Susanna) 3WayTV is most definitely going for the gay joke, but not in a bad way. In 3Way, the audience is on the outside looking in, following the life of lead character Siobhan (Maeve Quinlan), a recent divorcee who lets her lesbian best friend move-in to help with the bills (and turn her life upside down).QuinlanMaeve,FlaniganMaile,ShimCathyAndBennettJill

Quinlan says the show is quite autobiographical, “On South of Nowhere (Quinlan’s most recent gig), all the while I am playing a hated homophobic character and the kids are writing on the boards how much they hate me… I’m thinking…if they could only see my life they would die. You can’t make this stuff up. I told my roommates about it, pitched it to my TV husband Rob Moran, all who said I should pitch it somewhere. Then never did a damn thing about it. Until Nancylee and Paige!”

Nancylee Myatt, and Paige Bernhardt, also South of Nowhere vets came on board to produce. Of the show, Myatt quips, “Come on, Maeve Quinlan says do you want to do a show with me where I’m the straight girl in the middle of a bunch of funny hot lesbians, it was a no-brainer.”

jill-cathyQuinlan is backed by three somewhat stereotypical lesbians, but to the actors’ credit, they anchor their characters in believability. Roxie, Siobhan’s best friend, and the lipstick lesbian of the group is played by Cathy Shim. Jill Bennett plays Andrea the always borderline angry lesbian, and Roxie’s girlfriend. Maile Flanagan rounds out the cast playing the awkwardly butch lesbian, Geri O’Flanagan.

Stereotypes aside, the veteran acting and producing on the show is evident. Everyone embraces the schticky sitcom-style writing making the comparison to Three’s Company a fair one. Additionally, the show brings homages to fun TV classics ala the Brady Bunch, and even created fun spin-off shows within the show including Lady Cops, and Young Doctors Who Cry. It’s evident these ladies truly love TV, and if there’s a good, soapy backdrop, even better.

Myatt waxes philosophic on the joys of producing for the web, “writing and shooting a web series is FREEING! After having spent almost 20 years in network television it was incredible to come up with an idea, put something on the page, and actually get to shoot exactly what you want and had imagined. And pretty fun not to have any standards and practices telling us “No, you can’t say or do that.”

cast-tennisAs far as the second season, Quinlan says, “we are moving mountains to make a second season happen.” Myatt chimes, “We’re circling around a network right now that is smart and brave enough to put us on the air and on their websites.”

Unable to wait, the ladies have already starting making solid story plans for season two. Having produced over 5 hours of content for season one, as well as two spin-off series, we’d be happy to get in the middle of this three-way to see what happens.

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