Oh so many years ago, as I would sit with my post-Felicity glass of chardonnay, I would muse over a very important topic: who was my favorite Scott? Foley or Speedman?

Sure, Speedman initially broke out. He worked with Kurt Russell and fought vampires, two of the top qualities I look for in a person. Yet, Foley was always a lovable underdog.  He got the girl, then lost the girl (Affleck!). He fought terrorists with the T-1000 and President Palmer, two more of the top qualities I look for in a person.  Now, finally, he has officially taken the lead in the Scott sweepstakes.

Scott Foley has created the very likable web series, Who Cut the Cake? for 60Frames (which, while it got off to a slow start, is starting to produce some of the more entertaining origial series on the web).

Set in and around the upcoming Cooper/Johnson nuptials, this slyly comedic show follows Dave (Foley) and Lizzie as they plan their wedding.

The first few episodes take place at the rehearsal dinner where their core group of friends have been seated at the same table. These friends include trouble maker Dan, couple Stacy and Steve, Carla and her husband (name not mentioned) and Garth and his new squeeze, Ellen. This cast of casual characters takes us through a number of funny, embarrassing, and all-too-real moments.

Dave and Lizzie encounter guests that they can’t remember. The friends recount an embarrassing story involving the bride to be. Dan, Garth, and Dave get caught sparking up in the bathroom by an unexpected guest.

The men defend themselves against their dates regarding the acknowledgement of a male’s attractiveness (Clooney always acceptable). The bride-to-be’s (oral) sexual history gets revealed. And Ellen finds herself in a truly awkward situation when she’s asked to swap an undergarment with Lizzie.

Each episode goes for equal parts laugh and squirm and it doesn’t over-reach. Every moment feels as if it were plucked from someone’s actual Big Day. If you’ve ever been married or at least attended a wedding, you’ll feel the same way. The series is highly relatable. You probably know someone a little like at least one of the characters in Who Cut The Cake?.

Using my awe-inspiring pop-culture recall, I came up with who plays who in the cast (I couldn’t get everybody, so not that awe-inspiring, but still). Marika Dominczyk, Scott Foley’s real life wife, plays Ellen with equal parts innocence and savvy. Scarlett Chorvat is Stacy. I remember her from that Twin Peaks-y series Push, Nevada where they were going to give away a million bucks (Affleck, again!). That’s all I got. I think the woman who plays Carla was on E.R. for a long time. Everyone else, I got bupkus (but not bad, huh?)

The series is well written, directed and shot. The wedding/industrial complex is a booming industry (maybe not right now ), so there is definitely an audience for Who Cut The Cake?. And I’m impressed with the quality of recent 60Frames productions. The talent is always solid and the results consistently entertaining. Who Cut The Cake? is a worthy member of that club. This is fertile territory. As long as the jokes don’t deteriorate into complete raunch (the series has its leanings) and stays within the realm of believability, I see a long run.

However, if this doesn’t work out, maybe a web series that focuses on all the Felicity characters, oh so many years later. Just think of it. The laughter, the tears. And then Noel and Ben could fight terminators (hey, Brian Austin Green is).  Sorry, that’s the chardonnay talking.

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