“8 wasn’t enough!” So are the words of perky Mary McQueegle, fresh off the Infomercial circuit, as she conducts a series of probing exit interviews with the one and only George W. Bush.

“Dubuya?!? We hardly know ya!” But this excellent parody brought to us by Atom gives us a revealing last look at the soon-to-be ex-President. Audiences should savor the opportunity as presidential satire will (hopefully) be hard to come by in the next four years.

Written and directed by Mr. Show’s Bob Odenkirk (along with Leon Mandel, and Andy Fisher), Face to Bush captures our Commander in Chief at his most idiotic, inarticulate hour, pulled off by impersonator James Adomian. He played our 43 president in the latest Harold and Kumar flick, and is much funnier than Josh Brolin’s take on W., but still not as awesome as Ferrell’s.

Sure it’s easy to poke fun at Bush – terrain which has been treaded numerous times before – but the Entertainment Tonight interview treatment has some good, solid laughs.

With the opening theme music of Summer Dreams, annoyingly upbeat host Mary (Stephanie Courtney) asks all the riveting questions in this candid conversation direct from Bush’s private office, fashioned with scented candles and flower arrangements. This is the interview we’ve all been waiting for, as they sit down for “a nice one-on-two,” as Bush puts it.

Such in-depth questions as,” How did you like being president?” are answered back with the absurd – “These last ten years of being president was a refuge from everyday life.” Not the most novel Bush humor, but the non-stop onslaught of zingers is sure to make you chuckle at least a couple times during the sub two-minute episodes.

Atom’s Face to Bush site also has a bunch of fun Dubuya features such as A Countdown Til Bush Redeploys, Bushisms, a Dubuya Pop Quiz, and a Face the Bush polls that asks such thought provoking questions as, “Which former US President would you most want to hold your ankles during a keg stand?”

Well done, Atom. Well done.

Face the Bush makes for a decent distraction during these final lame duck months. You can catch episodes on Comedy Central during Friday Night Stand-Up or watch it on the web at Atom.

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